Young Recruits Programme

The Young Recruits Programme provides financial support to private sector employers offering high quality apprenticeship programmes to recruit and train young apprentices.

Funding is available to employers who would otherwise be unable to hire an apprentice without this support, who are not displacing another member of staff by taking on an apprentice through this programme and who are committed to supporting the young person to successfully complete their apprenticeship.

A weekly wage subsidy of £50 will be paid to employers over 26 weeks, subject to the eligibility criteria and evidential requirements being met.

Are you eligible?

You can access the funding if you are an employer in Wales looking to recruit and train young apprentices and are able to:

  • offer (a) full time additional apprenticeship place(s) of a minimum of 25 hours including time with the provider
  • pay the appropriate minimum wage for apprentices (or any other National Minimum Wage regulation that may apply)
  • evidence payment to your Apprentice with certified copies of wage slips or bank statements

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