PeoplePlus Cymru Delivering Apprenticeships and Building Partnerships with Employers and Subcontractors

Cardiff, Wales, June 2018, PeoplePlus Cymru celebrates partnerships with top employers who demonstrate continuous support to their employee’s skills learning progress.

This month our employer showcase features our partnership with Rossett Training and Swansea Council. We have worked in partnership with managers in Swansea Council for six years. During this time our work has developed from a core focus on the Parenting Team into other teams.

Managers have worked with us to build apprenticeships around their individual and team needs to ensure that their programmes, of which apprenticeships are part, meet the changing demands at frontline level. The intention of management involvement was to support a shared approach to bringing together identified good practice and evidenced based accountability with strong staff support; always with the intention of ensuring that families and parents needs are held at the forefront of purposeful activity and positive outcomes.

As a result, the apprenticeship programmes within Swansea Council have had a direct impact in:

Staff investment: Staff have had the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills and receive accredited recognition for the knowledge and skills they have.

Staff and team development: Teams have been highly successful in adapting their work to change with relative ease.

Staff flexibility: Accrediting the staff knowledge and skill base has provided a recognized transferability of knowledge and skill that has enabled staff to move from one team to another. At times this has supported the development of new teams around frontline need e.g. the award winning JIGSO team.

National contribution: Team involvement in writing and editing new sector awards (parenting units).

National and international exemplars: Staff have been involved in World Forum initiatives including Children’s Rights, in hosting visits from academics such as the visit from Prof M Greenwood from UBC, Canada to review work-based learning opportunities and many visits from other Local Authorities in Wales to share knowledge in practice.

These examples of utilizing apprenticeships for local, regional, national and international benefit provide an overview of a team committed to striving for excellence in their work and to positively shaping the lives of families and parents in need.